2022 Junior Ontario Ethics Bowl
Saturday, June 4 & Sunday, June 5

The Junior Bowl is back! Ontario's up-and-coming ethics bowl stars are hungry for the opportunity to compete (and collaborate!) with students their own age. Smaller and with less pressure, the Junior Bowl is a fantastic chance for students in Grades 9 and 10 to practice their critical thinking skills, to try out some new argument forms, and to compete for the right to be called 2022 Junior Ethics Bowl champions.


Each team must have between 3-7 students. All students must be in either Grade 9 or 10. Students must have access to a computer with audio, visual, and internet capacity. 

What is included in the 2022 Junior Bowl?

We know why you're here. It's obvious. Junior Bowl teams are a serious group. You want to use this opportunity to prepare to win gold at next year's Main Bowl. Our job is to help you do exactly that!


This year's Junior Bowl is all about FEEDBACK! Lots and lots of feedback! Teams will be able to sign up for an unlimited number of exhibition matches. After each exhibition match, teams will receive extensive feedback which focuses both on how the team could have scored more points and on how the team could further sharpen their arguments. Teams will receive feedback on each section of the match: Presentation, Commentary, Response, and Q&A. 

In addition to this mountain of feedback, Junior Bowl students will also have the option to write the CTC test, again!


What about the cases?! Great question! For this year's Junior Bowl, we are doing something special. The cases will be a combination of Provincial cases (the same as at the OEB) and National ones (the cases used for the upcoming National championships). Teams will receive the cases once they register.


Good luck to everyone at this year's Ontario Junior Ethics Bowl!  

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