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(Registration deadline: Friday, October 7)


- Maximum 7, minimum 3, students per team 
- Students between Grades 9-12 
 -   Any accredited Ontario high school 
- Minimum one teacher supervisor 
- Access to audio and visual technologies for online meetings
- Prepared to commit 1-2 hours per week of either in-person or virtual activity 


Meet one of our judges

Danielle Lacasse 
Western University, Faculty of Law 
Dean, Admissions and Recruitment

What's Included? 

Fully catered
dinner & lunch 

Feedback from a Ph.D. student

Two teacher-hotel rooms

Virtual Qualifying Bowl - Saturday, February 4
- Unlimited exhibition matches 
- Team Spirit Award and the Critical Thinking Competition
- Feedback from an ethics bowl advisor (
Ph.D. student in Philosophy)  
- One OEB Ambassador per team (someone who will keep your team(s) organized & encouraged

Ontario Championships - Saturday and Sunday. March 4&5
- Two teacher-hotel rooms per school 
Fully catered dinner & gala 
- Fully catered lunch 
- Professional photography and videography on March 5 & 6
Location: University of Toronto, Mississauga

National Ethics Bowl Championship (for the two finalists of the In-Person OEB)
- All expenses paid trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to compete at the Canadian Ethics Bowl Championship on April 21-23

*same day appointments available* 

Payment details

Who pays?
This depends on the school. Typically, schools pay the entire registration fee or offset the costs by splitting the registration fee with students. In the case of the latter, schools pay the entire fee up-front, and proceed to collect funds from students afterwards. 

Multiple teams? 
Increasingly popular over the years is the practice of registering multiple teams. Benefits associated with this practice include:
(i) reducing costs per student, i.e., three teams with five students on each results in roughly $50 per student;
(ii) increased school spirit, i.e. last year one school registered nine (9) teams in which dozens of students would gather in the library on a weekly basis, forming a mini community within the school;
(iii) with more teams comes an increased chance of qualifying for the In-Person Championship Bowl, our flagship event of the season. 


Meet two of our judges

Registration Form
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More than 5 teams? Call for a quote.

Thanks for registering!

Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 3.46.59 PM.png

Dr. Jennifer Nagel
University of Toronto, Mississauga

Professor of Philosophy


Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 3.36.55 PM.png

Dr. Manfred Becker
York University
Canadian Filmmaker & Professor 


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