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2023 Junior Bowl


- Open to all CANADIAN high school students
- May 27 & 28
- Virtual on the NHSEBone Platform
- Eligibility: Students between Grades 7-11
- Team composition: minimum 3, maximum 7, students per team 


- Find the complete list of 6 cases THERE

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- First-come first serve
- Act soon. We anticipate spots will fill up quickly 

What is the Junior Bowl?

The Junior Ethics Bowl follows the same structure as the main bowl. Some of the differences include fewer cases, giving students a chance to deepen their abilities without being overwhelmed with content. Another difference (this one is especially exciting!) is that this year's Junior Bowl is open to students from across Canada.

Is that cool enough? Do you want more? Okay, in addition to a country-wide virtual event, the Junior Bowl will also feature an exhibition season between May 1-24. During this time, schools can schedule practice matches with any other team in the competition. All matches will take place on the NHSEBone platform where there will be a provided moderator and tech support. Yea, you read that! 

Tournament Details

Exhibition season: May 1-24

- Exhibition season 
- Unlimited matches

- Discuss cases with teams from across Canada
- One moderator provided
- NHSEBone platform 


Saturday, May 27

- Round #1: 12:00pm-1:00pm
- Round #2: 2:00pm-3:00pm
- Round #3: 4:00pm-5:00pm 

Sunday, May 28

- Semi Finals: 1:30pm
- Finals: 3:00pm


Book meeting with Jeffrey Senese, President of the Ontario Ethics Bowl

Join the Junior Bowl!
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