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Hello! My name is
Jess Strachan (she/her)
I’m at McGill university for a Bachelor of Arts, and I’m planning to major in Philosophy.

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I’m a born and raised Torontonian, which means I’ll be a leafs fan until I die (though it gets more painful with each passing season), and I’ve been playing hockey myself for over a decade. I’ve always been into politics so getting to vote for the first time in the recent federal election was one of the more exciting things that has ever happened to me!

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I got into Ethics Bowl because i was lucky enough to be recommended by my law teacher. I loved it so much! It was such a great way to get to know some amazing people, both on my team and on others. I love the Ethics Bowl because it encourages collaboration and communication, while discouraging the worst aspects of competitiveness. The goal is to learn and evolve your ways of thinking, not just to win. Changing your mind is encouraged, as it leads to better solutions; being wrong is not an embarrassment, but a sign of growth. I truly believe Ethics Bowl has made me a better person, and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s such a unique experience, and definitely a lot of work… but so much fun!

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