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Hello! My name is
Gaby Ruggero, 
and I am a first-year bachelor of science student at the University of Ottawa doing joint honors of mathematics and economics. 

I grew up in Lakeshore, Ontario but now I live in Ottawa. In high school, I did the International Baccalaureate program. Through high school, I was very involved as I was captain of the debate team. The senior students of this team formed our senior ethics bowl group. After the competition, I was the coach for the junior team. I currently work as the Engagement Coordinator for the nonprofit Global Education Destinations where I am in charge of researching grants. Some fun facts about me are that I have an identical twin sister and I love to travel as I have visited over 75 countries.

I joined the ethics bowl because I knew I liked to discuss ethical and political issues in the debate. I am always willing to try something new so learning about the bowl’s discussion format enticed me. I enjoyed the way that the discussion felt like a conversation and not as much as an argument. The cases given prove that not every topic can be classified as black or white so you need to investigate the grey area. Topics can vary from science to politics so there are topics that are catered to many interests. Ethics Bowl taught me to really consider the opponents’ points and how to build on them which I think is a vital skill for daily life so I recommend that if you have the opportunity to participate, take it.

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