The Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto of Mississauga is delighted to host, once again, the Ontario Ethics Bowl. Last year’s event was a wonderful success, with students from all over the province having fun thinking hard about, and speaking persuasively on, a number of tricky ethical issues and scenarios. Although we will very much miss seeing students in person this year, the remote nature of the event promises a new level of inclusiveness, attracting students from schools all over Ontario. The Bowl acts as a model for how discussion about difficult issues on which there is much disagreement should proceed, with teams receiving points and excelling in the competition in part by showing their awareness of what is compelling and correct in their competitors’ analyses of the ethical issues. The Bowl showcased how values like clarity, cogent argumentation, understanding others’ points of view, and dialogue can underpin ways of interacting that are simultaneously critical and respectful, and that are concerned with learning and getting things right rather than (just!) scoring points. I encourage other academic departments and organizations to get involved in this terrific event, and to support the development of healthy and robust forms of thought, interaction, and participation for Ontario’s high school students.  


Profesor Gurpreet Rattan 

Chair, Department of Philosophy 

University of Toronto, Mississauga