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How to Schedule Exhibition Matches


1.) Cross-reference your team's availability with the list of available matches in the calendar 
2.) Email and indicate: 


  • The date and time of the match you wish to register for

  • The case you wish to discuss while your team is the Driver (the second case is chosen by the other team)

Please note that all matches must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance 

- Teams must use their gmail accounts to schedule an exhibition match (if the team gmail is not used, please provide your school's name in your email)
- Please note that both cases in a match need to be different; teams cannot be the driver for the same case in a match

If any of these requirements are not followed, your team will not be scheduled for a match.




Navigation for Exhibition Season:

AA = Open match (0 teams registered)

AA = Open match (1 team registered)

AA = Confirmed match (2 teams registered)

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