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Organizational Chart:

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Job Descriptions


The organization is composed of three levels: (i) the Executives, (i) the Associates, and (iii) the Junior Associates. Members of the organization can belong to multiple levels at once; for instance, the Director of Technology could be an Associate in Student Relations. Read more about each level below.

Executive Level

The Executive level reports directly to the President. Every Executive serves as a Director in at least one of the many departments of the organization. Through its directors, the Executive maintains and furthers the Ontario Ethics Bowl organization, especially as it concerns logistics, student engagement, technology, marketing, etc., Experience, specialized knowledge, and exceptional leadership characterize those individuals who belong to the Executive.

Members of various Ontario universities oversee the vision and scope of the Ontario Ethics Bowl. These institutions sit above the "Organization" as it [the Organization] is referred to herein and through the office of the President (currently held by Jeffrey Senese, University of Toronto, Mississauga). These partner institutions ensure the organization is serving the partners and the ethics bowl activity, generally. Read more about the partner institutions here.

Associate Level

The Associate level reports to the Executive. Associates rank in the order of Head, Senior, and OEB. Associates possess specialized knowledge and execute tasks at the behest of their Director. For some, Associate is the highest desired rank and for others it is a stepping stone on the path to becoming an Executive. 

Junior Associate Level

The Junior Associate Level is for members of the organization who are looking to learn new skills and work towards the development of specialized knowledge. The role of Junior Associate can last for up to a maximum of one year. 

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Can I apply for multiple positions?


Must first-year university students apply only for Junior Associate Positions? 

This depends on the position. For most positions serving as a Junior Associate is a necessary qualification. However, some positions do not require this qualification. See individual job postings for more details.

When do promotions occur and on what basis?

Promotions occur on a rolling basis. Directors recommend promotions to the president who either affirms or denies the request. Promotions are entirely performance-based. 

(Prabhjot Kalsi)

(Jess Strachan)

(Alador Bereketab & Jack Gillies)

(Alador Bereketab)

(Jack Gillies)

(Abbey Najjar)

I will not be studying in Ontario. Can I still apply?


Can non-university students apply? 


Can multiple students occupy the same position?


Should I submit one application per position?

No. One application form is sufficient. 

(Glenda Fu & Delfina Hansen)

*Appointed title holders indicated in (brackets)*

I have further questions. Who should I contact?


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Viewing available on desktop only

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