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The ethics bowl is more than a competition. It's a tone of voice; a feeling.; a way of being; a lifestyle. 

Our alumni embody the spirit of the ethics bowl. Working in diverse university programs across the country, our alumni are undoubtedly the future of tomorrow. Evidence of their leadership is that many of them have decided to stay involved with the bowl, acting as mentors for current participants. 

That's right! If you are a high school student looking for advice about how to bring your ethics bowl skills to the next level, or if you want to get the inside scoop about university-life, then our alumni are your go-to-people! They are kind, welcoming, and excited to share their wisdom about how to navigate this crazy world - especially from the perspective of a young person. 

Take a leap of faith and reach out to one (or two [or three!]) of these amazing individuals. They'd love to hear from you. 



I'm Alador Bereketab!

Bachelor of Health Sciences

McMaster University

Ethics Bowl Photo.jpg

I'm Gabi Ruggero!

Bachelor of Science

University of Ottawa


I'm Ciaran McDonald-Jensen!


Carleton University

Junior Associate pic.JPG

I'm Jess Strachan!

Bachelor of Arts

McGill University


I'm Abigail Franceschetti!

Bachelor of Arts

University of British Columbia 

image0 (2).jpeg

I'm Ahmed Al-samak!

Bachelor of Medical Sciences

Western University



Mia Filipetti

Legal Studies and Economics


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