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Hello! My name is
Abigail Franceschett
and I am a first year arts student at the University of British Columbia.

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Fun facts about me: 

I am a self-taught ukulele player and have been playing for about 7 years! I am originally from Toronto, Ontario, and am always keen to go on adventures. I also love to travel and hope to experience new communities and cultures in the future. I really enjoy photography in my free time, and love capturing awesome images within photos! A passion of mine has always been fostering inclusivity and creating welcome, open environments. I believe that the very nature of the ethics bowl allows participants to express themselves in an open environment that is willing to hear all perspectives, which is one of the many reasons I love this organization!

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When I was approached back in November 2020 regarding joining a team that discussed ethics, ethical questions and dilemmas, I was very much intrigued. To be honest, I barely had any knowledge of academic philosophy, ethics, or ethical framework, so I thought that this opportunity was going to be a massive challenge. However, it was my interest for engaging in meaningful discussion that pushed me to accept this unknown opportunity. The decision to join my high school ethics bowl team has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Preparation for and participation within these ethical discussions have been nothing short of amazing!
When you are eager to learn, approach these topics, and to openly discuss complex questions from many different perspectives, you allow yourself to develop not only as an ethics bowler, but as a thoughtful member of society. I believe that there is a very prevalent culture concerned with binary debate and the need to simply be right or wrong; the ethics bowl strives to move from that black and white ideology, and to focus on multiple perspectives in order to logically and critically develop ones position on topics. Part of the reason I love the ethics bowl is because you’re encouraged and able to change your position within the context of the discussion. Growth and acknowledgement of positional change is foundational to ethical and philosophical discussion, which isn’t found in many other discourses. Furthermore, I believe that my time as an ethics bowler has equipped me with skills and tools that I will utilize through all aspects of my life. If you are a student, teacher, judge, or even potential ethics bowler who’s reading this, I cannot express how valuable I consider the ethics bowl to be.
Participating in this organization in any form will not only be educational, but will be fun and memorable! I’ve had fantastic discussions, made great memories and friendships, and have developed as a critical individual, If I haven’t convinced you yet to join the ethics bowl community, I would be happy to further discuss with you! My email is As a junior associate with the Ontario ethics bowl, I want to ensure that you feel comfortable, excited and eager to participate in the ethics bowl & ethics bowl community. Feel free to reach out regarding all things ethics, University, or philosophy-related.

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