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Ontario Championship 
Saturday, March 4 & Sunday March 5


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Welcome to the Ontario High School Ethics Bowl!


During an ethics bowl, teams of high school students discuss ethical dilemmas taking place at the forefront of our world. Such dilemmas might include: how we ought to deal with assisted-death, artificial intelligence, and gene editing.


What makes an ethics bowl different from a debate is that students are encouraged to amend their original positions when faced with counter-evidence, and to view the case as the target of opposition, not the other team. This format allows students to explore difficult ideas in a collaborative atmosphere which is conducive to truth-seeking, collegiality, and open-mindedness.

Traditionally, the Ethics Bowl was run by the Philosophy Department at the University of Toronto, Mississauga. However, over the last few months UTM has started a partnership with other Ontario universities to help guide this extraordinary event in to the future.


      - To learn more about details for this season go to DETAILS.

      - For the complete guide to this season's activities, go to RESOURCES

      - To learn more about the history of the Ontario Ethics Bowl and its new partnership, go to GOVERNANCE

*The ethics bowl is a non-partisan organization which invites (and encourages!) voices from across the political, religious, non-religious, and philosophical spectrum(s) to express themselves freely, openly, and respectfully.*


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